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Our website has undergone significant changes and updates recently. Specifically Cambridge Shelving Ltd acquired all the RED designs, products, catalogues and the RED website and now have far more products - particularly for the Academic and Library Sectors. All former Remploy Library shelving ranges system were acquired when they announced the closure of  their factories. We are able to continue manufacturing to the original designs and safeguard the supply of their popular library book shelving systems - Good news for many 1000's of current Futura shelving users in schools, LRCs, colleges,  universities and public libraries alike.  We also supply displays, shelving and store fittings to the retail sector, and our range of storage units for professional and home collections of music and films is in constant demand.

We have divided website into three distinct areas –

LIBRARY SHELVING & FURNITURE, for LRCs, schools, academic and public libraries

RETAIL DISPLAYS for all retail and all multimedia shelving and display

PROFESSIONAL & HOME STORAGE (our online shelving sales site) for all music film and games collectors

It's important to state all our products are manufactured here in the UK - we don't import anything from the far east  and all materials are responsibly sourced from renewable supplies

Our offices are located in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Office hours are: Monday - Friday  9.00am - 5.00pm 

Contact Telephone: 01353 665533

Contact E-mail:

We look forward to helping you.